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2018/11/23 01:00

- Botanical house -


Organic esthetic salon under the theme of botanical pharmacy, that is  also called  natural beauty pharmacy.

日本で初めての自然派美容薬屋が「ボタニカルハウス」と名付けられ自由が丘に201847日に誕生しました。 そう名付けた理由は、薬用植物を店頭に並べ、カウンセリングやトリートメントを自然療法士や薬剤士・セラピストが行い素肌や体、そして心の不調を変えていく「自然派薬局」を作りたいというもの。

The first natural beauty pharmacy in Japan called Botanical house opened at Jiyugaoka on April 7th, 2018.

Since we sincerely wanted to produce a natural pharmacy that provides medical herbs and allows naturopaths and pharmacist to conduct counseling and treatment in order to improve clients natural skins, bodies and minds, we called the place Botanical house.


Organic cosmetics there are displayed not based on their manufacturer like cosmetics , but by their use application . They also have labeled botanical medical effects on it.

It is a totally different way of display from ordinary cosmetic stores. 


The guide map handed to the clients clearly describes the effect of plants based on respective natural skin, mind and condition. It helps select cosmetics based on the plants.


Of course, there are Clays, Hennas, Medical herbs, flower remedies and essential oils there. Since we commit the items not only to be applied, but also to have aroma and being taken orally, we can suggest solutions to respective conditions.


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ORGANIC MOTHER LIFE - Botanical House -

Access address

3F, 1-23-10, Midorigaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo



緑ヶ丘駅 徒歩30 〈東急 大井町線〉

30 seconds walk from Midorigaoka station <Tokyu Ooimachi line>

自由が丘駅 徒歩12 〈東急東横線〉

12 minutes walk from Jiyugaoka station