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2018/12/25 11:08


*What are the differences between organic farminand natural farming?*


有機栽培についてAbout organic farming




Even if farming does not use any agricultural chemicals, it can not be called organic farming because organic farming needs to be certified by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and be labeled with an organic JAS mark.


  • 有機栽培には公的機関(第3者)の認証が必要
  • 指定された農薬や化学肥料を使用しない
  • 植物性or動物性の有機肥料を使っている場合がある


  • Organic farming needs to be certified by a public institutionor a third party.
  • Organic farming does not use any agricultural chemicals and chemical fertilizers.
  • There are some cases where organic farming uses organic fertilizers which are botanical or animal.





If one sells products labeled as organic farming, there needs to be a JAS mark printed on it.

This organic JAS mark cannot be used by anyone not certified by public institutions and

the product needs to be inspected and examined once a year.

Also, organic farming products must not use any designated agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizersfor 3 years at least.



Although organic farming product do not use agricultural chemicals, there are some cases where some are farmed using botanical fertilizers (e.g. rice bran, compost and so on) or animal fertilizers (e.g. animal feces and urine) when growing crops.



*About natural farming*



  • 3者及び、公的機関の認証が必要ではありません。自己申告制であること
  • 農薬や化学肥料を使いません
  • 植物性、動物性の肥料を使用しておりません
  • It does not need to be certified by any third party or public institutions as natural farming.
  • It does not require any certification.
  • It does not use any agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers.
  • It does not use any animal and botanical fertilizers.





Since natural farming does not have defined standards or ways of farming, it does not require any certification.

Also, even if one has been using weed killer, agricultural chemicals or chemical fertilizers in the last year, one can describe it as “Natural farming of the first year”.

In the course of natural farming, it does not use any chemical fertilizers, animal or botanical fertilizers.